Smart Home Systems

"Smart Home” systems have been created to automate houses and offices, provide the maximum comfort of consumers and minimize utility costs. This includes control of lighting and sound systems, heating and ventilation, home appliances, curtains and windows, locking of gates and garage doors, and efficient use of energy. Moreover, your safety is fully ensured by installing water leakage, gas flow and fire safety sensors.

Using “Smart Home” system, you can manage your home and office anywhere in the world through mobile phones and tablets. Scenarios are created to maximize your comfort and you can initiate the desired process at any time.

One of the most important aspects of the "Smart Home" is to provide easy access to the elderly, the disabled, and those in need of care.

Our company has the opportunity to install "Smart Home" systems in both unrepaired and renovated apartments. For this purpose, we use the world-wide popular systems working with KNX and Z-Wave protocols.

1. KNX has 28 years of experience in building automation. Using the KNX system, it is possible to work with various products of different manufacturers and even integrate into other smart home systems. KNX can be applied both in small family houses and in large buildings. Note that our company is an official partner of the KNX Association. This option is implemented only in non-renovated apartments, as systems working with the KNX protocol require proper prior cabling. Through this system, it is possible to implement any scenarios suitable for the consumer. Our company is the official representative of the INTERRA company in Baku, which is produced in Turkey and known on the world market. Information about INTERRA KNX equipment and successfully implemented references can be found in the "DOCUMENTS" section. If you want to get more detailed information about these systems and see how they work, we invite you to our "Show Room" located in Khatai Park Complex.

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2. Even if your apartment is fully renovated, we can integrate your apartment into a smart home. For this purpose, systems working with Z-Wave protocol are used. We cooperate with widely recognized company named FIBARO which proved itself to be reliable over the years.

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