Power Systems & Electrical Energy Distribution

We are serving you in every field of Power System engineering with our highly educated and experienced engineers. Design of high-rise residential complexes, recreational centers or apartments, as well as AutoCAD design of electrical projects of flats, implementation of high class installation works, assembly of electric boards and installation of all types of lighting systems are among the works we do. Our company, which accepts reliable operation, minimal cost and energy saving as a key mission, is always ready to find the right solution for your projects.

1. Preliminary Calculations & Electrical Project Drawings
The primary requirement for the carrying out electrical works of any facility is the correct design of electrical circuitry drawings. Electrical design engineers of our compamy will provide you with exact cabling topology and electric board diagrams in accordance with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards.

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2. Electrical Installation Works
The manner in which cables are actually being montaged plays a very essential role in a performance of the final electrical system. Therefore, our technicians will throughly monitor the installation of electrical (cable) trays, piping layout and cable montage, and finish the work in a limited time according to the provided project.

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3. Assembly of Electric Boards
One of the key points in any electrical work is the proper assembly of electrical boards. All electrical system management is achieved by proper installation of equipment on electrical boards. Our engineers are able to assemble boards of any complexity. The most important aspect emphasizing an importance of proper installation of electric boards is to guarantee consumers’ safety. Our experienced engineers will ensure your safety by providing accurate calculations and installing reliable electrical equipment.

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4. Installation of Electrical Equipment, Testing and Delivery
Upon completion of the above-mentioned works, the electrical equipment will be properly connected, tested and handed over to the customer after being convinced of the consumer's satisfaction.


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