Who are we?

We are a company operating under the name of Baku Smart Future LLC. Our company was founded in 2016 to unify four major branches of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. Areas of activity:

Power Systems & Electrical Energy Distribution
Smart Home Systems
IT & Security Systems
High Voltage Systems

From the day of its foundation, Baku Smart Future company tries to earn customers’ trust and form a healthy environment based on company principles with its creative staff. The greatest advantage of our company is the coordinated and centralized collection of qualified engineers for each of the areas specified. Our customers can benefit from our company for both small-scale and large-scale electrical works. Even after the work is fully handed over, we do not absolve ourselves of responsibility and provide appropriate consumer guarantees.

Mission: To provide high quality and fast work using innovative technologies, minimum price and most importantly to achieve our customers’ satisfaction.

Vision: To justify our claim of unifying four major branches of Electrical and Electronics Engineering area together and to be among the leading companies in the world ranking as an Azerbaijani company.

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